How to Protect Yourself From the Chemicals

More and more people these days are becoming more open to using organic products . The reason is not just because they are more health-friendly, but also because many people are becoming more aware of the potentially harmful effects of man made products on our bodies. As such, we are trying to eliminate them as much as we can. There are many products on the market that claim to be "all natural," but when you really research them you will find that they are anything but. In fact, they contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful to both yourself and your skin. So how can you protect yourself?

The tips below will help you protect yourself from the chemicals found in your makeup.

When choosing a mascara, go for water-based lengthening mascara. The water-based lengthening mascara won't weigh your lashes down. The foam attracts the oil secreted by your lashes, which smooths them down subsequently giving them a look that is less like falsies.

Never use a curler on your lashes. If you want curl in your lashes, use a metal brush, which is less dense than curlers. If you're using a curler on your eyelashes to give them a little extra kick, don't forget to wash them first! metal curlers may be less likely to damage your lashes.

If you want sooth lashes, try applying a nourishing serum to your lashes. Eyelash serums are usually liquid based, and so are very suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Once applied, they offer not only hydration to the lashes, but also a softening action, which will result in even application on the eyelashes.

For a straighter lash, try applying a nail colour, which when applied, will coat the lash and act as an eyelash primer. For a flush of colour, use an eyelash colour of your choice.

Tip 4: Brow Control

If you have a fringe, or sideburns, you may have trouble getting the initial definition of the brow line. To fix the initial problem, and keep the brows neat, use a brow pencil to fill in the areas you've missed, and work a little on the top initially to make sure you don't over-pluck. Once you're happy with the definition you've achieved with the pencil, you can go ahead to apply your mascara. Once the mascara is dry, brush it through the brows again, using a carefully designed mascara brush, to give the effect of full, thick eyelashes.

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