Skin Care Products For Women With Amazing Results

Skin Care Products For Women With Amazing Results

If you are like most women you have applied skin care products, most likely consist of harsh chemicals, unknown chemicals and  petroleum based products that are not only harmful to your skin but also to your environment.  A few of the skin care products that I would like to have on my store shelves would be an ongoing improvement to my complexion.

The first product that I would like to have on my store shelves is usually an oil cleanser.  A well-known brand oil-free cleanser and toner with etro-dermabrasion and Alpha hydroxy acids will be a ideal next product on my shopping list.

The second product that I would like to note would be a night moisturizer.  Since my face is very dry, anytime I feel the need for a moisturizer I automatically grab the Hydrience clay facial treatment.  It is a matinee cream that I amazingly don't have to rub out.  The Hydrience cream consists of various naturally occurring vitamins that supply moisture to the face.  This particular cream is ideal for all skin types.

The third product that is usually an essential for any woman's store-bought skin care regimen is a face scrub.  Like a very expensive manicure and pedicure, the purpose of a facial scrub is to remove dead skin cells and to refine the texture and appearance of the skin.  Scrubs are commonly used by people with sensitive skin as a means to exfoliate.  Not only is a scrub a great addition to a facial regimen, it is also an affordable way to treat the bikini area.

Another great addition to store-bought or home made scrubs would be items holding nutrients and vitamins.  A millieres of peptides and proteins can be applied with a gentle massage to the skin in very small amounts.  These minerals and proteins also have a soothing effect on the skin.

Finish off my list of fabulous skin care products for women with amazing results is a tingle lotion.  While I don't necessarily consider it an essential, it is really nice to know that it is in my bag of tricks.  A lot of times the skin is prone to irritation and it since I'm so into natural remedies, I don't force a stuffy feeling onto my skin.  Tingle lotion comes in a spray which makes it very discreet.  All you have to do is put it on after a bath and relax.  You'll be feeling more refreshed and ready for a day of activities.

All these products get me thinking about the essential oils I put in my massage oil.  With such a wide variety of essential oils available you can find a lot of interesting blends.  For example,yl aminole oilhigh in Vitamin E.  On a separate note,yl benzyl phthalatempaces the fragrances essential oils.  So I can't help but think of the myriad of scents and aromas that exist in this world.  For me, the ever-changing demand for thesting of nettles gives me an entering feeling of wanderlust.  The Spice Tree, in Auburn, Oregon holds a licenses with the yellows of orange in the morning and the greens of juniper in the afternoon.  Even in the dead of winter.*Sniffles.*roar.*laughter.* cyan dioxide.*greens.

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